Living with Type 1 Diabetes

My name is Nichola, but most people just call me Nic. Firstly I am me, a wife and a mum to 3 fabulous, if not sometimes trying, kids, a daughter, a sister and an aunty (and the list could go on if you started including other family members ;D )

I also have type 1 diabetes (T1D) and was diagnosed as an adult in my 30’s. I found out on 8th March 2003 that I had type 1 diabetes after being rushed in to hospital from my GP surgery by ambulance. I live with this “condition” 24/7, like so many others (Type 1 diabetes affects 400,000 people in the UK, enough to fill Wembley Stadium more than 4 times over – borrowed from JDRF T1 Teens page.   This page has more T1 facts if you wish to have a look).

I am also on Twitter   (as you can see on the right of this page) where I found the #DOC (Diabetic Online Community) who prove to be invaluable on times.

If you want to have a read of my ramblings please see the “Archive” links to the right of this for blogs month by month or click on the title banner at the top of this page for all blogs.

I post about MY  experiences with diabetes. Just to say I have no formal qualifications for treating type 1 diabetes only my own learned experiences, some good some not so good. Please if ever you have any questions about yours or someone else’s diabetes please seek medical advice.


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