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Happy World Diabetes Day everyone. 😀

A really short blog just to explain my very important appointment this afternoon.

Today has been a fabulous day. I did spend the first half of it with butterflies in my stomach only for that to get worse on the trip to the hospital and in the waiting room but my new doctor soon put me at ease.  I had my first appointment at pump clinic to see if I would be okay’d for an insulin pump. The answer was most definitely yes!! 🎉

She asked my what I already knew about insulin pumps as I seemed quite well informed, all thanks here goes to the Diabetes Online Community or DOC for short for sharing your knowledge with me. You did get a mention and I said how fab you all are. I’m sure if she could have given me a pump there and then I would have walked out with one, she was so excited and very positive. As I’m already doing lots of & good carb counting she didn’t think a carb counting course to really be necessary before pump but DSN conceded at just a refresher. Think this is basically a tick box exercise really. Dr was concerned about my problem with hypos so said a CGM would need to be looked into in the future but to get a pump sorted out first. So even more exciting news.

My refresher is 3rd Jan so I just need a bit more patience to wait for this and to actually start on the pump. Dr is hoping that it won’t be too long now, DSN said they’re still waiting on tender for pumps but Dr said it must be close to the end of that now so hoping the wait won’t be too long.

My choices are Animas, Roche or Medtronic 640g. I’m leaning towards Animas already but spam me with your experiences and what works for you with your pump.

Relieved and excited 😬😬😬😬🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


So has anyone else been so knackered in the night that this has happened, or am I the only numpty?

I set an alarm for 3am as I was a bit lower that I wanted to be going to bed but due to a fatty meal I wasn’t sure which way my bg’s would go. I didn’t want to go low but then thinking about the meal I’d had I might end up high and I didn’t want to wake up this morning super high.

When I was ripped from my sleep as 3am, I “flashed” my Libre across my arm and had a 7.7 steady reading. I thought fine lets go back to sleep, but unknown to me I must have pressed snooze, TWICE!!  So by 3.30 my sleepy mind is thinking its time to get up, check my bg, have insulin & get up. I was 8.7 on the Libre and my bg was 9.3, so thinking “yeah it went the way I thought but not as high as I was fearing”. I then gave the insulin dose, put my head back down for a sec just to check my phone, to see if my girl had messaged at all from uni as she’s a night owl. A short while later I realise that I felt way too tired for my usual wake up time, so I double checked the time. To my absolute horror it was only 3.40am. So I chomped a good way through my hypo stash and set an alarm for an hour later. An hour later I chomped a little more of my hypo stash and set the alarm for hour later again. Hugh relief all was ok! Phew!!

At my usual wake up time my Libre said 3.8 and my actual bg reading was 5.4. Crisis averted…just! What a numpty! I’m even more knackered now. 😦

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