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My bedtime BG was 16.6mmol, which isn’t unusual on a Sunday. I usually get it back in range before bed but it just hadn’t happened this time.  I had a correction dose and decided to set the alarm for 3am to make sure the insulin had done its job and to double check that I wasn’t going too low.

Before I know it it was 3am and the alarm was waking me (quite often I’ll sleep through it).  I dug out my glucose monitor and did the usual. The reading was 9.5, which I wasn’t expecting, the meter suggested a correction. This has happened before and was more than comfortable with the dose. So I delved into my bag for my insulin pen. I rummaged and rummaged and couldn’t find it.  So I sat up, pulled the bag onto my lap to look inside it and I still couldn’t find it. I must have left it downstairs after the earlier correction dose. So off I went downstairs, I had contemplated leaving it and dealing with whatever the number was at my usual “get up” time but reprimanded myself for being lazy and wondering just how high it would be by then.  I looked for the pen downstairs but couldn’t find it there either.  I went back up and looked in my bag again just incase I’d missed it the first two times, and no it still wasn’t there.  I decided to dig out my old pen and look for my other one in the morning, so back down stairs.  I dialled up the dose, injected it and went back to bed expecting to now be awake for ages.  Thankfully I dropped off quickly.

Two hours later…

In the instant of waking up and thinking that was an odd dream, I’m feeling really “off”, I’m too hot, I’m shaking and my vision is blurred and not sleepy blurred, I realised that I was hypo and very hypo too.  The only reason I checked my BG was to find out how hypo so I could gauge how much to treat it.  The monitor screen showed 1.4mmol with 2 hours of insulin on board!!! (Argh, how, what? Really wishing now that I had my CGM sensor on, if at 3am I had seen a 9.5 with a downward arrow there is no way I would have corrected. I probably would have reset my alarm for another hour and checked then or let the CGM warn me.)  Thankfully I had cartons of juice on the bedside cabinet, I ripped the straw off with my shaking hands, eventually got the straw cover off and inserted it into the carton. I drank the whole lot without letting any air back into the carton and totally flattened the carton.

juice box

Unless it was against another #doc member. Then we’d need a stopwatch. 😀

I then got another one, ripped the straw off it and put it in the carton. About half way through I managed to stop myself and made myself wait. I think Allun’s only knowledge of my hypo was him trying to move the quilt, unsuccessfully, due to me being led on top of it trying to cool down. Thankfully my numbers came back up very quickly.  By now I only had about an hour before I had to get up.  Again, thankfully, I did get back to sleep and when the alarm went off again I woke up with a 6.1mmol.

So that’s how you flatten a juice carton. 😀

At the time of starting this blog I hadn’t signed up to the Diabetes Blog Week as wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do every day due to commitments and family “busyness” but I thought I might as well try. This one isn’t really a hugely positive “I Can” but I thought it would add a little humour to my shock of a 1.4 BG reading.

So… “I Can” flatten a juice carton in a couple of seconds flat!! 😀

Update … I did find my pen the following morning, I must have dropped it off my lap and onto the fold down bit of the recliner. So when I closed the recliner my pen disappeared from view. I’ve done this before with my glucose meter so I should have known really.recliner


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