I woke rather suddenly after a dream before 6am. Because of the dream and the sudden wake up I thought “am I hypo?”. So I fished my meter out of my handbag and my meter told me that my BG was 6.8 to my surprise.  I tried to settle back down but all that kept running through my head was that the sensors for my CGM (new to me, but very generously given to me by its previous owner Jason who I was put in touch with, via Twitter, by Dave) [ In real time 12.10pm – I heard a knock on the door whilst typing this up…THEY’VE ARRIVED, the sensors have arrived!!! Just need to wait for hubby to come home in a bit with some new batteries, I also sent him a gentle reminder.]

So lets go back a little, to the 12th March. I was just flicking through Twitter when I came upon a Tweet by Dave, which you can see below and my nervous/cautious/excited reply …


Thankfully, for me, no one had “beaten me to it”.  Details were passed on for delivery to me. I did panic a little at first thinking I wouldn’t be able to buy the sensors but soon got over that with encouragement from Jason (thank you very much for that).

I rang Abbott, who asked me to ring back once I was in possession of the CGM and they said they would register it to me, but for now they took my details so it would be easier to process once it had arrived.

The CGM arrived on Tuesday (posted at no cost to me, as the Tweet above says, a very generous man).


I then rang Abbott back, registered the CGM and ordered the sensors.  I was told that they would arrive the next day, it all went very smoothly.

As I was unable to sleep this morning, which was annoying and very unfair as I’m already enjoying my Easter break, I thought I might as well get up, take a closer look at the CGM manual and have a look on Youtube for some sensor/CGM videos. Which I did find & watch. I have to admit I am now a little more relaxed (for now) about it all after watching how easy it is to do. I suppose my main concern is messing up the sensor and needing to replace it. Hopefully this concern will be totally unfounded.  Jason has offered to be on hand if I have any questions (I have asked a couple already), which is reassuring.

So here is today’s delivery…

My precious!!

My precious!! 😀

and the text I then sent to Allun…


Hurry up and come home now Allun!! 😀

To be continued…