So it’s the day before my husband Allun has his hair dyed blue and keeps it like it for 4 weeks!!

You may be wondering why he is dying his hair blue.  We have been to a couple of JDRF discovery days where we’ve learned about research into the cause of diabetes, treatment and tech past, present and for the future.  People have also talked about things they have done or are planning to do to raised awareness of diabetes and to raise funds to help JDRF continue their research.  Nearly all of the sponsored things people have done personally or as part of an event usually include some physical activity.  Allun wanted to “do his part” to help raise some funds but due to a damaged knee my hubby isn’t able to take part in these type of things.  So he thought about what he could do. He eventually came up with this ridiculous idea of dying his hair blue.

So last week we went and bought the blue dyes from Blue Banana.  Whilst we were in one of our eldest daughter’s favourite shops, looking slightly out of place, a shop assistant asked if she could help, while Allun was looking a bright hair colours.  This,at least, gave him his first opportunity to explain to a stranger why he, a 47 year old man, was looking at blue hair dyes. She listened intently and then suggest a few colours.

This is the colour that he chose, no particular reason for this choice other than the colour.


Tomorrow our friend Sian is coming to first bleach his hair then add the blue dye to it. The dye is semi-permanent, so he should have enough in the two pack (& not a large amount of hair) to keep it going for 4 weeks. I shall post a blog, including photos, with the process.

I’m off work at the moment as it’s half term. Allun suggested a shopping trip to a large Swedish store (Ikea :D) this week. It was then that I realised that I was going to have to be seen with him in public and that I should have started up my own Just Giving page to cover it :D. It will certainly be a talking point.

If you would like to sponsor him please visit his Just Giving Page. At this moment in time he has raised 56% of his target of £150.00.  Thank you to everyone who has sponsored him so far.

Keep an eye out for the blog & pics.