I was really looking forward to the first ever GBDoc    PWDC15    (sponsored by    TeamBG) in Nottingham.  You can find them on Twitter as @theGBDOC    and    @TheTeamBG.

Diabetes conference poster2015

As the weekend got closer I realised that my daughter would also be away the same weekend with school, she was going to Disneyland Paris for the Welsh Festival, so it would also be a very timely distraction from worrying about her being in another country. Especially when she was completely fine and having an amazing time. 


This is us just before she left.

So for the conference we had decided to make a weekend of it.  Drive up on the Friday evening and then travel home on the Sunday. So we left at approximately 4.40pm, 30 secs later we returned as I hadn’t checked my Levemir & looking at it I couldn’t be sure it would last the weekend (it didn’t so it was just as well we went back). Next we had to go to the pharmacy  to collect a box of ketone strips as, not for the first time, the surgery had got it wrong & prescribed the test strips instead. I explained to receptionist the mistake & that I was away for the weekend & I didn’t have any left, thankfully they faxed the correct prescription through to pharmacy. Then we needed to refuel & after that we were finally on our way. Thirty minutes up the road & our son complained that he was feeling sick, he was as white as a ghost. He doesn’t always travel well, more so when younger but he had seemed to be better lately.  A stop at the services for fresh air, toilet stop & a purchase of a few carrier bags (just incase) and we were on our way again.

Most of my journey was taken up with quite a few conversations with other PWD’s over FB & Twitter about #PWDC15 whilst my hubby drove.  Some tweets were pictures of cakes people were making and taking to keep us all fuelled during the following day. If my own personal baker wasn’t away in Disneyland with her school I’d have got her to make us some cakes too.

Yay we actually made it!!!  We arrived in Nottingham at 7.50pm (2hrs 47mins travelling).

IMG_7691 IMG_7693

Testing out his bed.

By now we were all more than ready for some food. Ethan couldn’t wait for food off the menu to arrive so he decided to choose from the “Chip Shop” Buffet.  Below is one very happy boy with a very full tum and we were still waiting for ours to arrive. 



And finally pudding. Pudding is always picture worthy.

I’m so glad that there was online Nutritional Information for it. I would not have estimated 100g though. But it was definitely worth it.

I think we got back to the Travelodge about 10pm ready for sleep.

Hoping to blog about the conference next. I’m not likely to get technical and offer loads of advice from the sessions.  It probably just about who I met, what sessions I attended, what I ate/drank (sorry 😀 ) and what I enjoyed about the conference.

Thanks for reading.