Some editing done whilst copying the blog over…

On Saturday, 14th June 2014, at the end of diabetes week (8th-14th June 2014) I posted a photograph on Twitter of all the rubbish that had accumulated since the Wednesday evening before. I was posting during this time with the hashtag #LifeWithMyD.


As I was late joining this and my photo didn’t actually show the rubbish during a whole week, I decided to keep collecting till today (Wednesday 18th June) so I could see actually how much rubbish there is over a week.

The photo below is that weeks worth of rubbish, minus apple juice pouches which I use as fast acting glucose when low/hypo (I didn’t get through the whole bag of sweets either, I just came to the end of the bag).


After I’d taken the photo I thought that as it’s piled on top of itself it didn’t really show how much is used. So I spread it out.


Obviously the needles, test strips & lancets go into my sharps box. The plastic needle caps, the little plastic “container” that the insulin vile comes in, test strip pots and the blue Levemir pen cap I can now recycle, as my council has just started collecting all types of plastic. The paper bits you pull off the needle caps go into my paper recycle, boxes into the cardboard recycle. The insulin vile, disposable pen, JB packet & apple juice pouches, unfortunately, go into the general rubbish. 

All sorted and ready to recycle & dispose of.


I don’t think I’ll keep it all again, much easier to dispose of as you go along.