This blog was first published on 25th March 2014. Its being re-published on this blog site.

This is my first ever blog. The info was way too much for a Tweet so I thought I’d give this a go.

Even though I missed @OurDiabetes tweet chat tonight I did catch up on some of the tweets about diabetes & summer/holidays and remembered the following time.

Sat on the edge of the car boot under the tail gate, seeing off the end of a rainy morning in the car park at Penzance, Cornwall. Getting ready to eat our packed lunch. I was going through my usual routine before I could eat whilst the rest of my family were already eating theirs. I got my insulin pen out & sat it on my lap. It then decided to slide off my angled lap towards the floor.  Not so much of a problem you’d think as long as the glass vile doesn’t break, but that wouldn’t be too much of an issue as at least I had more insulin back where we were staying.  But no, I hadn’t realised that I was sat just above a drain & my pen went straight down into it. Massive panic, what am I going to do if I can’t inject myself. Thankfully Allun was thinking rationally, he’s a retired paramedic so is quite used to thinking rationally in a crisis (it was a crisis to me at least).

We packed up what was left of the packed lunch & Allun “Googled” where the nearest hospital was to see if they could help me as I didn’t have a spare pen.

For some reason we didn’t go to the hospital we now know of in Penzance (we’ve had a few visits to this hospital over the years thanks to my other half, but that’s a whole other blog). We went to one in Helston where they were very helpful. They gave me a replacement pen and a spare.

Panic over & the rest of the holiday continued as normal.